Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Anushka`s Birth Story

My daughter Anushka (though I like calling her"Mishti") turns two months old on July 4th...
She was born 17 days after her due date. The full term of pregnancy is considered 40 weeks which is generally the expected time of birth of the child. However I guess Mishti wanted to take her own sweet time to come out in this world....So the doctors told me to wait till 42nd week to allow normal delivery...But Mishti had her own plans!!!! It was last day of 42nd week and still no sign of her....So then doctors decided to induce natural labour for me, the entire process for which may further take about 4-5 days....You see, the doctors here in Denmark do not utter the word "c-section" until and unless situation demands...So I went through so called ordeal which was both painful and tiresome...

The first day, they tried to induce me, nothing happened....The second day too seemed to go the same way, until in the late evening, midwife decided to speed up the process as Mishti`s heart beats seemed to be little irregular. Finally I was given the drip to start contractions and told that the next day morning, I would have my baby in my hands. And I thought "that is it, the time has come, just few more hours".
But I was so wrong, since Mishti decided she did not want to wait till morning. Her heart beats started going down with every contraction. And guess what? The midwife told me they do not want to take further risk and are going to perform the c-section within next 10 minutes... Just imagine, all those 17 days of daily hospital visits for the sake of normal delivery and now finally its c-sec!!!! (Did I say that during these 17 days, I had my phone constantly ringing, my mailbox flooding with emails, my orkut filled with scraps from our wellwishers who wanted to what has happened, when will it happen and why is it happening this way)

Ritesh, who had gone out of the hospital for a while to get fresh air and have dinner had no idea about the sudden unexpected turn of events. I told doctors to wait till my husband comes, but nope, they said it was not possible and that I should call my husband immediately. Which ofcourse I did and luckily Ritesh had just entered the premises of the hospital. However it would have still taken him about 10-15 minutes to reach me, and by that time I was already moved to operation theatre for the surgery. I was constantly begging the doctors to wait for my husband but in vain and they continued to make the preperations. I felt my heart sinking that I will be going through this alone and Ritesh would miss the birth of our baby. But thank God!!!! just when the operation was about to start, Ritesh came by my side and I immediately felt a surge of relief....And then few minutes later, Mishti was born.....The nine and half months wait was over....She was in Ritesh`s arms and I kissed her forehead...

Then there were constant rounds of incoming and outgoing calls while on the other hand I was trying to come terms with the drastic change in my life....Strange it may seem, though I was happy to have my daughter in my arms, I was not able to bond with her.... I did not know why I was feeling so...I told myself that may be because I did not go through the actual labour pain (except painful contractions) or may be because I was under the effect of anesthesia or may be because I was too overwhelmed...And then I read an article on internet which said it was perfectly normal for the new mother to feel this way. Whatever the reason was, it took me many days to connect to Mishti....

But now the things have changed....I absolutely adore my daughter and head over heels in love with here...My day starts with her beautiful smile and ends with the peaceful look on her face when she drifts to sleep....
Motherhood has been the most exhausting but exhilarating experience of my life....And there are still so many challenges to face but I am eagerly looking forward to them!!!!!

whispers of love

When I saw you for the first time,
I felt as if the time has stopped for a while
Just two of us there, trying to connect to each other
There was a strange fear and a sweet anticipation in my mind

“Was he the one for me?”
And yes dear as it turned out, you were the one..

When you said “I love you”, my heart fluttered with joy
Silently welcoming your presence in my life
With you by my side now, my sweetheart
I find myself wrapped in a warm afterglow of your love
Reaching a new high, reaching a new depth

I wake up every morning with a smile on my face
I stop working in the middle of day just to think of you
And at nights, I go to sleep with a contented heart

I seem to miss you more and more every day
But I keep falling in love with you more than ever before every moment

What else can I say my sweet love
Right now we are thousand miles away
Just waiting to be with you, in your arms
Sharing our lives together, sharing the love in our hearts…..